Saturday, December 17, 2016

exam four results

Last Tuesday afternoon 216 brave calcunauts (and one interloper) took exam four. Three calcunauts with medical excuses will take a makeup exam next semester. The mean is 70.3 and the quartile scores are 61, 74, and 84. For comparison the results from the past two semesters are:

Spring 2016: mean 63.8, quartiles 54, 65, 76.
Fall 2015: mean 69.8, quartiles 62, 73, 82. 

Strange but true: someone not enrolled in the course took the exam and scored a 42.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

exam three results (updated)

Now that the makeup exam is over, a total of 223 brave calcunauts have completed exam three. The mean has dropped to 74.65 and the quartile scores are now 67, 75, and 84.

On the Thursday before the Thanksgiving break, 218 brave calcunauts took exam three. Another 5 or 6 will take a makeup exam. You should see your score in WyoCourses now; if not, let me know.

The mean is 75.5 and the quartile scores are 67, 75.5 and 84.25. One brave calcunaut has a perfect score. For comparison, last semester the mean was 73.4 and the quartile scores were 66, 74.5, and 83, but that exam had a Lagrange multiplier problem.

Monday, October 24, 2016

exam two results (updated)

Last Thursday 223 brave calcunauts took the exam. The average is 72.48 and the quartile scores are 65, 73, and 82. One brave calcunaut has a perfect score and 27 others have scores in the 90s. Five people will take an especially scary makeup exam next week.

Monday, September 26, 2016

exam one results (updated)

including the makeup exam, 232 brave calcunauts took exam one. The average is 77.45 and the quartile scores are 70, 77, and 87. There was one perfect score and a quarter (roughly) of the group scored 88 or higher.

Each large rectangle represents 10 brave calcunauts.